Russell G. Brown: Segmented Woodturner: Purchasing a Turning

Most of the bowls and vases on this site are available for purchase. I'm not set up for any kind of automatic commerce, but I can take Visa and Mastercard over the phone and can ship pretty easily. Some of my items are also listed in my shop at . Those items can be purchased through PayPal.

My stock rotates fairly rapidly, and is frequently not that deep (I keep having complications like moving and having to build a new shop), so I may not have a particular type of bowl in stock. If you are interested in something, send me an email ( and I can let you know whether something is available and if not, when I think it might be again.

Prices listed below are in both Canadian and U.S. funds. All prices include standard shipping.



Greek Key Egg Bud Vase (no photo)

$39 $29

Exotic Wood Egg Bud Vase (no photo)

$65 $45

"Cracked" Egg Bud Vase (no photo)

$99 $68

"Flower-Top" Egg Bud Vase (no photo)

$159 $109

Greek Key Bowl

$110 $90

Chevron Bowl

$120 $100

Helix Bowl

$250 $200

Small 8-Panel Bowl

$250 $200

7-Bar Bowl (no photo)

$300 $230

Swaggy Bowl (no photo)

$300 $230

Zigzag Bowl

$325 $250

Large 8-Panel Bowl

$350 $275

Mahogany or Walnut Terrain Vase

$2600 $2100

Confetti Egg Vase

$2900 $2350