Why would you keep coming here?

In 1994, I created an "ego page" here at swcp.com. It has remained in essentially the same form ever since then, only being updated every few years with new links or pictures, or removing old, old dead links.

In these days of social media, updating this site became the very lowest priority of all, and I basically let it rot. Hell, it even had a 25 year old photograph of me up there.

So, I'm giving up. There isn't anything here to see anymore. fnord

It was real, man.

Oh, you're here because you can no longer find me on Facebook?

Yeah, I quit Facebook. I decided that it was no longer fun watching my friends spew partisan venom or being subjected to arbitrary and capricious community standards rules that change daily. I decided I had enough of that.

It is highly unlikely you will ever see me there again, and I have permanently deleted my account and all prior links and references on it. If you actually do know me, as opposed to being my "friend" on "Fesses de bouc," you have other means of contacting me. Please use them.

Oh, you're here because you're just mildly curious about where I went after I quit Facebook?

I retired from my job at Sandia National Laboratories in 2023 after just over 27 years there. I have not looked back much at all.

What am I doing with myself?

Hobbies. The newest hobby is blacksmithing, but I am still doing many of the hobbies you remember me having back in the day.

How can you contact me?

I have had the same email addresses for many, many years, and don't expect to be cancelling any of them any time soon. Except for the one at my job. That's gone.