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Here of course are pictures of the family, etc. Since they take a lot of bandwidth, I put them on a separate page.


Mr. Science
During the 1996-97 school year, I spent an hour every week in Linda Waidler's 3rd-4th grade class at Wood-Gormley Public Elementary (chosen because my daughter was in this class), answering any science question the children might have. For the 97-98 year, I did the same in Shirley Esquibel's 3rd-grade class (by coincidence, my son was in that class). The next year, I did the science hour in Ms. Irving's 6th-grade class, and last year I did the same in mr. Waechter's 5th-6th grade class. In 2000 mr. Waechter asked me to teach the kids html, so I did that for a year. Here I have some pages with the questions that came up, and elaborate on a few of the demonstrations I came up with to explain some of the concepts. I am a scientist, not a teacher, and I do not have a lot of equipment (and neither does the school). The demonstrations therefore use simple materials I find in my kitchen, shop and yard. This is cardboard-and-duct tape science.
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The Don Diego Neighborhood Association in Santa Fe was active during the 1990's, but is for now dormant. Here I try to keep a record of some of the projects we're involved in.


I've been involved in traffic issues in Santa Fe for a while now. In particular, I worked on the Traffic Calming program. To the traffic pages



Home, sweet home ...

In 2003, my old hometown of Muiden celebrated its 1050th birthday. On this site you can see some of the festivities.

Muiden: het Muiderslot, Dutch radio, Speculaas recipe


If you are interested in what I (used to) do during the day, check out my work site



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