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A Confessional Lutheran's Website

(A Mixture of Seriousness and Fun)

by Robin Olav Vogsland

I am a Confessional Lutheran, one who adheres to the truths of Scripture as rediscovered during the Reformation. Confessional Lutherans are rare and should not be confused with those Lutherans who tend toward unscriptural, "modern" (liberal) theological systems.

"Confessional" means adhering to the "Lutheran Confessions." The Lutheran Confessions are formal statements of Biblical doctrine formulated at the time of the Reformation; they are collected in the Book of Concord. As man-made documents, these confessions are useful only because they accurately reflect the teachings of Scripture--and they carefully avoid the incursion of false teaching that has grieviously fragmented Christ's body in earth.

Being a confessional Lutheran is nothing more than being a Christian. I will enthusiatically use the Confessional Lutheran label when it is necessary to set myself apart from unscriptural false teachings, but otherwise, I consider myself to be merely a Christian.


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Who is God?

For the real answer, see this link.

Music Reviews

My favorites, sacred & secular (with downloadable sound files).

Book Reviews

My serious reading favorites.

Introduction to Theology

Summaries of some of the key points of Christan theology which are not much recognized outside of Lutheranism.
(To hopefully reveal to all why we value so much our God-given Reformation heritage.)

Gems of Lutheran Theology

Rare and precious essays on the Christian faith.

Serendipity - The Good Stuff

I plan a diverse collection of eyewitness accounts, editorials, etc.
of an edifying nature.

Guest Links

Links to a few other special essays, etc. on the web.

Rediscovering the Trinity - Download a free book

A book project I have completed which is an in-depth proof
and exploration of the doctrine of the Trinity.

You can be a Scribe

A novel but effective way to study the Bible.


The Church of the Lutheran Confession

Goto the home page of my church body, the CLC, and of
Immanuel Lutheran College in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA:

Email: Robin at vogs@swcp.com

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