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Welcome to my Queen & QMS web page! The most recent major updates were done January 8, 2000 with more changes to come.

Queen, the greatest band in the land, consists of:

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I run the Queen Mailing Service (QMS) e-mail discussion list. The list has about 625 members and has been around since 1990. Click on the link for more information and to subscribe to the list!

Frequently Asked Questions about QUEEN

The QMS FAQ is available here. This is a new update as of Feb 27, 1999. This is strictly a text file so that it can easily be downloaded and kept for reference. This is the same file sent to new QMS members and posted on regularly. All the information that is available in this FAQ is available by subject elsewhere on my WWW page in a more "searchable format". As usual, if you have any comments or additions for the FAQ, please e-mail me at

QMS Photo Gallery

The QMS Photo Gallery contains pictures from several OIQFC Conventions, Royal Vision Conventions, and QMS member pictures in general. The convention photos are not limited to member photos only -- they also have general photos to give people an idea of what the Queen conventions are like.

Now that I've had a chance to update and move my Queen pages, I have more pictures that I will be scanning and adding to these pages.

Queen Pics

Here are some photos of the band. Pics of individual members are located on their pages above.

Here are some additional older photos of the band.

Photos of some of Freddie's Panels in the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Here are some pictures of Queen related locations in the UK.

Queen items on display at various Hard Rock Cafes (Link not Active Yet)

Additional Queen Information

Click here for Other Queen sites on the Web

Due to Princess Diana's tragic death, I have added this info about Queen, the media and privacy. On this page you will find a couple of links to very good related pages.

Queen and the Media

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