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Corrected Pedigrees of the Allegheny Region
The Florey Family, Geneological Essay
The Phares Family of Rockingham County, Virginia
The Doctor that History Almost Missed
Some Notes on W. Joe Brown
The Defibaugh Tavern
Mingo Indians (Iroquois or Six Nations)
The Descendants of John Triplett
John Bush West Virginia Pioneer
Hezekiah Rosencrance and the Mystery of Sarah Rosencrance Solved
The Settlement of Nicholas Nutt
Jacob and Mary (Hendrickson) Kittle
Cornstalk Murder
Bogard/Petty Connection
Tygart Valley Presbyterian Church Celebrates 75th. Anniversary
History of Mt. Storm Community (In Grant and Mineral Counties, WV) Made Available by Steve Bonner.
1825-1844 Tygart Valley Day Book of John Wood (1770-1864)
Speech Delivered at McKinney Family Reunion, c. 1940
An Introduction to the Florey Family
A Very Old Family Bible by Nelle Hornbeck Gaertner
Additional Information on The Iroquois
A History of The Jerusalem United Methodist Church
The Jacob Woodford House
The Phares Family in America, Ancestral Families of Robert Phares(1762-1823)
The Ward Taylor House
Sketch of the Hornbeck Family in New York and Virginia
Benjamin Hornbeck, Pioneer (1754-1827)
Scott Mansion One of Elkins' Proudest Landmarks
Patrick Daugherty and Descendants
Trial and Examination of Joseph Summerfield on Suspicions of Felony
Randolph County Legislative Petition
Prisoners sent to Columbus
The Return of Jacob Stookey Hardy County Superior Court Record 1797-1800
Tribute to Ruth Hill Smith Cross
Absolum Stanley "Teaberry" Lantz Sepulture
David Crouch Interview
Stalnaker Cabin
The Stalnaker Family
Dilley Land in Shenandoah County, Virginia
Biography of Henry Dilley
Genealogy of Virginia and West Virginia Dilleys
George Yokum Interview
The Worst Fire in Elkins History Saw a City Block Lost in 1897
Elkins at the Turn of the Century
Brake Family of West Virginia
More on the Brake Family
Michael Brake
Elkins Had Its Crime and Violence, .. A Man Was Hanged ...
Buying Land For Elkins was $6,960 Investment for Henry Davis
Introduction to the George Mclean Diary
An 1888 Ride Reveals ... Elkins
Jonas Friend and Friend's Resort
The History of Alpena
The Snake Mill Den
The Skidmore Connection - A New Look at an Old Mistake
Captain Abel Westfall's Company - 8th Virginia Regiment
Barbour County Genealogical Notes

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