LI 804

A Collection of Annotated Bibliographies

Written by the Students of Emporia SLIM Colorado IV
(under the gentle prodding of professors Brian and Mary O'Connor)

Full Text Bibliographies:

Harriet Angulo Karen Bary Tiina Brown Shelia Clark Anne Dollof Lincoln Draper Sally Ganster Leigh Ann Hennison Teresa Hibbert Carol Luallin Joan McColley Jeanne Marsh Julie Moffitt Sharon Morris Jo Norris Joyce Serravo Susan Simmons Lance Wiscamb

Topical/Title Listing of all LI 804 Bibliographies:

Researcher's Name General Topic Bibliography Title
Mary Henning Adolescence & Cultural Knowledge American Youth Culture
Jeanne Marsh Selective Bibliography for the Study of Adolescence and Cultural Knowledge
Kristen Sudduth Adult Learning and Play Work Learning, Play Therapy
Mary Norman Psychological Benefits of Recreation and Adult Learning
Jolene Ballard Artificial Intelligence and Reference AI for Reference and AI in the Library
Marsha Moore-Jazayeri AI for Reference Work
Loretta Tschirgi Artists' Knowledge
Joan McColley How Artists Self-Educate
Tom Fitzpatrick Artificial Intelligence
Lisa Champion
Pat McDermott Censorship Censorship in School/Public Libraries
Lincoln Draper Intellectual Freedom
Lily Acosta-Hogan Children and Internet Culture
Joyce Serravo Issues Related to Youth Access to the Internet
Tiina Brown Children's Knowledge Raising Bilingual Children
Jennifer James Young Childrens' Learning with CD-Roms in Libraries
Sue Fazio Creativity and Information Business Creativity: How to Spark Creative Fires
Elaine Connell Creativity and Senior Information Services
Victoria Sheldon Culture and Life Transitions
Rose Nelson Black Racial Identity: Historical Perspectives
Traci Steckel Fiction and Knowlege A Sense of Place
Tommy Powell Death and Dying in Picture Books for Kids
Gigi Yang Gender and Brain . . .
Veronika Albl . . .
Cathy LeGrand Gender and Social Knowledge Construction . . .
Charis Wilson Women's Roles in History
Helen Fox Humor Theory/Research of Humor
Terry Nelson . . .
D.J. DeJong Information Hunting Legal Research
Sheila Clark Information Needs of Prisoners
Pat Doughty Information and Music Music and the Mind
Christine Ashlock Information and the Workplace Learning in the Workplace
Harriet Angulo Networking: Socio-Political Aspects of Workplace Communication
Karen Bary Intelligence Cultural Considerations in IQ Testing
Julia Hargrove Knowledge Structure of Atheletes Sport Psychology: Visualization, Flow State, Affirmation
Sally Ganster Track and Field
Sandra Richmond Mind/Body Dichtomy Computers/Mind; Consequences; A.I.
Teresa Hibbert Mind/Body Dichotomy: Annotated Bibliography
Frances Clymer Oral Cultures Native American, Northern Plains, Crow
Linda Bourgeois Oral Cultures and Dissemination of Information
Carol Luallin People and Pet Relationship Animal-Assisted Therapy
Ann Smith Popular Culture and Knowledge Rock and Roll Music and American Culture
Geri Nevarez Consumer Reference to Alternative Medicine
Leigh Ann Kennison Post-Modernism and Information Biblio-po-mo
Janet Freeman Bibliographic Instruction in Post-Modern Culture
Rachel Stoyke Public Libraries and Technology . . .
Carol Brown American Popular Culture and the Internet
Sharon Morris Ritual and Information Bibliography of Social Anthropological Theories of Ritual Meaning and Function
Lance Wiscamb Ritual and Ceremonies of US Native Americans of the Southwest
Jo Norris Role of Publisher as Diffusionist Role of University Press in Knowledge Diffusion : Past, Present, and Future
Kelly Visnak Communication and Technology Related to Role of Publisher in K.D., Past, Present, and Future
Mary Byrne Science and Religion . . .
Wndy Kisicki . . .
Anne Dollof Scientific Knowledge for Intelligence Physics and the New Paradigm
Julie Moffitt Scientific Knowledge for the Educated Generalist
Barb Garvin Technology and the Humanities Information Technology and Academic Libraries
Susan Simmons Television and the Humanities
Cheryl Mitze Technology in the Classroom . . .
Patricia Kessler Computers and Teaching ESL
Genevieve Schneider Visual Literacy Imagery Perception

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